Compression Brass Ball Valve WRAS and Gas

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These nickel plated brass ball valves are WRAS approved (Red/Blue lever) and EN331 Gas approved (Yellow lever).  The body is made from nickel plated brass, the ball is produce from brass and chrome plated, stem and locknut are manufactured from brass, seats and stem packing is PTFE and lever is steel.  Ends are compression, nut and olive made from brass.  The valves are full bore with an anti-blowout stem.

These valves have maximum working pressure of 25 bar upto 90°C and 10 bar at 110°C.  The working temperature range is -10°C to +110°C in the absence of ice.

For gas use maximum pressure is 5 bar with a temperature range of -10°C to +60°C.

Face to Face

  • 15mm is 70.5mm
  • 22mm is 80mm
  • 28mm is 91.5mm
  • 35mm is 109mm
  • 42mm is 123mm
  • 54mm is 150mm