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Fast acting Actuated Ball Valve

Fast Acting Actuated Ball Valve DN100 Stainless with Fast Open/Close time

 We had contact with our customer through our webchat with the enquiry below:

"I am looking for a 4" pneumatically actuated 1/4 turn ball valve, rated to 20 to 25 bar but which can handle low vacuum at ~0.1 to 1 mbar. with an operating time of 0.5 Seconds"

This valve is to be used in a rocket test fire system.

After many negotiations with various manufacturers we came up with a solution with a 4" BSP 3 Piece Stainless Steel Full Bore Ball Valve fitted with a modified Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator to allow opening and closing time <0.5 seconds.

Our actuator manufacture used 1/2" BSP pilot air connections and increased the orifice size of these ports, that allowed the required the air flow to operate the valve at the required speed.

Below are videos showing the operating of the open cycle and close cycle.


We can also off a range of fast acting electric actuators, on request, that can operated in 1 second open and close (subject to the application) 


If you are looking for Actuated Valves please visit here, or contact us with your requirements.

Here at AK Valves Limited we have over 27 years of experience supplying and sizing up actuated valve assemblies, we can source many manufacturers of actuators to fulfil any specification requirements you may have.

What Brands of Actuators can AK VAlves Supply?

Prisma, Actreg, Air Torque, CH-Air, AlphAir, El-o-matic, Kinetrol, J+J, Valpes, Omal, Torq, Haitima, Kelm, Quiffer, Noah, Sectoriel, Bernard, Auma, Rotork, Regada, Valbia.

Electric Actuated Valves

We can offer electrically actuated valves than can operated in 1 second open and closed.  Please contact sales with your requirements.

Actuators ball valve

We supply many ranges of actuated ball valves to suit most applications, browse our website or contact us for more information

Ball valve supplier

AK Valves have vast experience supplying ball valves to many industries.  Contact us for a quotation.


When we use the term actuated, we generally mean the valves are not manually operated but are fitted with an electric or pneumatic actuator.


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