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        Knife Gate Valves | AK Valves Ltd

        Knife Gate Valves

        We are Knife Gate Valve suppliers in Cast Iron and Stainless Steel in a variety of brands, our knife gate valve manufacturers include CMO, Stafsjo, Zubi, Sectoriel, Orbinox.


        We offer Manual Handwheel and Double Acting Pneumatic as standard, other actuation methods available on request.

        Knife Gate Valve Cast Iron Handwheel - AK Valves Ltd
        From £170.00
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        Knife Gate Valve Pneumatic Double Acting - AK Valves Ltd
        From £225.00
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        Sferaco Knife Gate Valve Unidirection Handwheel - AK Valves Ltd
        From £367.44
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        Knife Gate Valves

        Knife gate valves often have a sharpened blade to better cut through slurry/viscous media. Also, the knife gate valves have a short face-to-face length compared to a gate valve, which is dimensionally wider. As a consequence a knife gate valve is light weighted compared to the gate valve. These are the main differences and probably two of the biggest advantages of the knife gate valve.

        Knife gate valve installations are typically found in wastewater treatment plants, chemical plants, mining, cement plants as well as in many other industrial applications while gate valves are typically found in drinking water mains, distribution networks and drinking water pump stations.

        We can offer our knife gate valves with handwheel, lifting lever or pneumatic double acting cylinder.