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        Balancing Valves

        Balancing Valves | AK Valves Ltd
        AK Valves Ltd supply a range of Balancing valve from different brands.  Available as Fixed Orifice (FODRV) or Variable Orifice (VODRV)  Check with sales for your requirements.
        DZR Brass Fixed Orifice Commissioning Valve - AK Valves Ltd On Sale
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        Stainless Steel Orifice Plate - AK Valves Ltd On Sale
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        Balancing Valves (Double Regulating Valves)

        Balancing valve control water flow and balances heat and cooling systems to different locations. The purpose of the valve is to enable us to supply the correct amount of heat and cooling to each part of the building.

        Typically these valves are a 'Y' pattern which is to enable a small pressure loss in the system when fully open.  The adjustment of the valves will increase resistance to the system and in turn reduces the flow.

        The description of DOUBLE means the valve can be set to a position and can be shut for maintenance purposes.

        Flow measurement devices and valves (FMD/FMV)

        Normally a fixed orifice device these are used to accurately measure the flow, and are often used with other isolating valves depending on the system.  Examples of this is the Orifice Plates and Metering Stations.

        We also can supply the double regulating valves combined with a measurement device, often referred to as FODRV (Fixed Orifice Double Regulating Valves), when using a separate valve and measuring device this is often called a commissioning set.

        We also supply Variable Orifice Double Regulating Valves (VODRV) the measure the flow across the entire valves.

        How can you tell the difference between a Variable and Fixed Orifice Valve.

        Generally the variable orifice valves will have test point either side of the valve, whereas the fixed orifice valve will have the test points close together.