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    General Catalogues

    Here you will find links to general industry catalogues to highlight the products we can supply.

    Actuated Valves - Catalogue of Actuated Valves

    Valves for Industry, HVAC & Waterworks - Various Valves for Industrial, HVAC and Waterwork

    Industry - Steam Equipment , Gas Equipment, Safety Valves, Instrumentation

    Valves for Building - Valves for use in the Building industry

    Plastic Valves and Fittings - PVC, PP Valves and fittings

    Pipe Fittings Malleable Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Fittings.

    Building Fittings - Pressfit, Copper, Brass, Polyethylene, PER fittings, Gas hoses, flexible hose.

    Heating - Heating products radiator, underfloor heating, circulars, expansion tanks, air vents, safety valves, gauges, thermometers, regulation, thermostats, solar heating, ventilation.

    Plumbing - Water heater safety, Leakage detectors, pressure reducing valves, balancing valves, thermostatic mixing valves, washing machine and toilet supplies, water meters, water filtration.

    Hydraulic Compression Fittings - DIN 2353/ISO 8434-1 and 4 hydraulic compression fittings size from 6mm to 42mm Light Series (L) and 6mm to 38mm Heavy Series (S).  Fittings include nuts, olives, straight couplings, elbows, tees, bulkheads straight and elbows, male stud couplings, female stud couplings, gauge adaptors, reducing connectors, adjustable tees, banjo fittings, blanking plugs and caps, crosses, stud elbows and non return valves.


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