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Globe valve is a linear motion type of valves and is typically used in both on-off and throttling applications. In globe valves, the flow of the fluid through valve follows an S-path. Due to this, the flow direction changes twice which results in higher pressure drops. Due to other advantages offered by them, they are widely used in applications where pressure drop through the valve is not a controlling factor.

These valves are generally not used beyond sizes larger than NPS 12, (which is 12”) DN 300, as enormous forces are exerted on the stem to open or close the valve under fluid pressures.  Globe valves require high pressures on the seat to keep it closed when the fluid exerts pressure from the bottom of the disc.   They are used for both on-off and throttling applications, but special types of trims are required for throttling applications where large pressure drops are involved.


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The globe valve is used for throttling flow control, shut off is provided by moving the disc against the flow stream rather than across it as is the case with the gate valve. The flow pattern through a globe valve will involve changes in direction and this will result in greater resistance to the flow and cause a high pressure drop. Globe valves are great for use in high pressure steam operations. At AK Valves Ltd, our range of globe valves have all been manufactured to the highest standards and are highly durable, ensuring that they last. 

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What is a Globe Valve?

Globe valves are a linear motion valve and are used for stopping, starting and regulating flows. The disk of a globe valve can be removed from the flow path or it can be completely closed to close the flow path. The majority of most conventional globe valves can be used for isolation and throttling services, while these do show slightly higher pressure drops than straight valves do, they can be used where the pressure drop is through the controlling factor. 

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