About Us

Leading Supplier of Manual Valves, Actuated Valves and Fittings

We are a family run business with over 30 years experience  & technical expertise supplying Process Valves, Actuation Packages and ancillary products to the Industry throughout the UK & Worldwide.

We at AK Valves Limited offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of manual valves, actuated valves and associated fittings which can be found here in our online shop. Our product range covers a vast array including Process, Control & Pipeline Products for most Gas, Water, Wastewater & Sewage Treatment, Biomass & Biofuel, HVAC, Hygienic & Dairy, Steam, Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Aggriculture applications.

Contact us with your enquiries Email us at: sales@akvalvesltd.com or call us on Tel: 0121 557 7164. 

If you cannot find the exact products you're looking for on our website please do not hesitate to contact us.

Every day we are adding to the list of quality valve products and fittings.

Manual Valves

    • Ball Valves - Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, DZR, Plastic, Stainless Steel

    • Butterfly Valves - Wafer or Lugged Pattern, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel or Plastic. 
    • Check ValvesBrass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, DZR, Plastic, Stainless Steel
    • Globe Valves - Bronze, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel
    • Y Strainers - Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Ductile Iron, Plastic, Stainless Steel
    • Gate ValvesBrass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel
    • Knife Gate Valves - Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Body, Uni or Bi Directional
    • Pressure Reducing Valves - Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
    • Balancing Valves - Brass/Bronze, Cast Iron

Ball Valves

AK Valves supplies the full range of quality ball valves chosen to cover every application including Gas & WRAS Approved ball valves.

Gate Valves
Ductile iron resistant gate valves, cast iron metal gate valves, brass gate valves and more may be found in our online shop.

Globe Valves

For both on-off and throttling applications we supply a range of globe valves to meet all needs.
For further details and to see all manual valves available please visit our online shop or get in touch.

Actuated Valves

For actuated valves AK Valves offers a range of highly efficient pneumatic and electric Haitima, Prisma, J+J and Sectoriel products.  Range are complimented by a range of accessories such as manual overrides, fail safe, position feedback and position control.


Galvanised malleable iron fittings, black malleable iron fittings, pneumatic pushin fittings and more available.

    • Galvanised Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings
    • Black Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings
    • Pneumatic Pushin Fittings
    • Stainless Steel 150lb Fittings
    • PVC Imperial Solvent Weld Fittings
    • PVC Imperial Solvent Weld x BSP Fittings
    • PVC Threaded Fittings

Brands we supply include Haitima, Mars, Albion, Plimat, CH - Aquaram, Sferaco, RuB, Itap, FIP - Durapipe, AK, Brandoni, IVR, Genebre, Tecofi, Tomoe, Vamein, Prisma, J+J, Sectoriel, Syveco, TTV, Tecflow, Festo, Parkair, Kelm, HUK, Camozzi, Norgren, VSL

This is only a tiny sample of the vast selection of valves, fittings and accessories available from AK Valves.

To find out more please browse through our website using the menu above, thank you.