Ball Valve Supplier in the UK

Here at AK Valves we are able to supply a vast range of ball valves from our offices in Tipton to the UK and around the world.

Here is an example of the brands and materials that we offer.

Brass Ball Valves

We supply brass ball valves from these brands.

Cast Iron Ball Valves

Brands of cast iron ball valves we can supply






Stainless Steel Ball Valves

The main brands of ball valve manufactured from stainless steel include:






Plastic Ball Valves

We supply ABS, PVC-U, Polypropylene, GRPP, CPVC ball valves from these brands

CH (Aquaram/Coraplax)

Durapipe (FIP)






These are an outline of the brands we can offer, please contact us with any of your requirements.

Ball valve suppliers uk

AK Valves Ltd have over 26 years experience as a ball valve supplier.  We are not just ball valve uk suppliers but we do also supply worldwide, please contact us with your requirements.

Ball valve suppliers

We supply products from our ball valve manufacturers uk and worldwide and don't consider any order too small or too large.


Choose Your Trustworthy Valve Supplier in the UK

As a subset of the industrial sector, the importance of reliable, high-performance valves can never be overstated. With numerous applications spanning multiple industries, it's vital to partner with a reputable Valve Supplier UK. But, how can you identify the best supplier? What factors should you consider? We're here to answer your queries.
Valve Supplier UK – What Makes A Top-notch Supplier?
Valve Supplier UK is a keyword that unlocks a world of competent suppliers in the industry. But, the cream of the crop do have a winning edge. They have extensive experience and local know-how, uphold ethical manufacturing guidelines, offer a broad range of products, and most importantly, prioritize customer satisfaction.
Experience and Expertise: The Hallmarks of a Trustworthy Valve Supplier
A dependable valve supplier in the UK isn't just another seller. They have years, if not decades, of experience in the industry. This experience imparts the ability to deal with a diverse array of valve types, issues, and applications. Moreover, hands-on expertise allows them to offer meaningful, relevant advice for your specific requirements.
Adherence to Quality Standards and Ethical Manufacturing
Ask your potential supplier, "Do your products meet industry quality standards?". An affirmative answer is a positive sign. In addition, suppliers who prioritize environmentally responsible business practices are always a sound choice. They embody authority and trust in the sector.
Why the Range of Products Offered by Valve Suppliers UK matters?
A top valve supplier in the UK would seldom restrict their offerings. From gate valves to ball valves, check valves to butterfly valves; they have it all. Furthermore, they can provide valves suitable for different pressures and temperatures, and made from various materials. This exhaustive range ensures you'd find something that fits the bill.
Customer Service: The Underlying Indicator of a Reliable Valve Supplier UK
Good customer service is a crucial indicator of a reliable Valve Supplier UK. It's not just about making the sale; it's about providing value to the customer. Thus, look out for suppliers who offer excellent pre-sales service, aftersales support, and honour warranties without a hitch.
Choosing the right valve supplier in the UK can feel daunting, but armed with these insights, you're well-placed to make a savvy choice. Remember, a reliable supplier offers more than just a product; they offer peace of mind, and that's priceless.