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    Piston Valves

    YAKACIK piston valves can be used to control the flow of almost all kinds of fluids. YAKACIK VALF offers the optimum solutions. Valve
    body material may be cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel and stainless steel with appropriate sealing rings.

    Piston Valves have two important components: fine ground cylindrical
    piston made of stainless steel and elastic valve rings. Suitable ring materials are
    used for almost all kinds of fluids. Elastic upper lower rings compress the
    pistob with the required tightness. Thrust is provided by tightening the bonnet
    nuts. It is transmitted from upper ring to lower ring via lantern bushing. Axial
    thrust is converted to radial pressure by compressing the elastic rings. The
    compressed rings enable an outstanding leaktightness. the lower ring is leakproof
    across the ports, the upper ring is leakproof to atmosphere. At fully open or fully
    closed position, since there is no contact between the cylindrical piston surface
    and the fluid; abrasion does not take place

    Asbestos free
    Energy efficient
    Maintenance free
    Exceptional leak-tightness across the ports and to atmosphere
    Abrasion proof sealing surface
    Valve rings are replaceable in the pipeline
    Excellent control characteristics
    Fire safe is tested according to ISO 10497 / API 607
    TUV certified
    Suitable for oxygen line
    Economic, easy to service
    Conforms to German TA Luft and USA EPA


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