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    Great Customer Feedback

    Great Customer Feedback


    Electric Actuated Butterfly Valves

    We supplied 1 x 4" and 1 x 6" Wafer Pattern Butterfly Valve fitted with J+J J3CL140 Electric Actuators, for a fire system on a boat.  This was a new design for this system and we helped to advise the best option for the application.

    Wafer Butterfly Valves with J3CL140 Electric Actuators

    The customer was so impressed with the service and quality of the valves he sent us this video of the valves being tested.

    Angle Pattern Diaphragm Valves

    We were asked to supply and source 3 piece 1.1/4" BS 10 Table E Angle Pattern Diaphragm Valves for use as outlet valves under chemical tanks.  The valve had to fit in a very tight space so dimensions need to be exactly as the original valves (approx 20 years old)

    My customer supplied the following photos for us to size up and supply.

    Original outlet valve 1 - Angle Diaphragm Valve Outlet valve 2 - Angle Diaphragm Valve Original Outlet Valve 3 - Angle Diaphragm Valve

    We managed to find the correct valves and deliver in time to be installed during the factory shut down period at the end of May.  We supplied the valves in Stainless Steel with a VITON diaphragm.  (as below)

    Stainless Steel Angle Pattern Diaphragm Valves ready for shipping

    My customer sent me the following pictures of the valves installed, he was impressed by our service provided and the ease of installation as the valves matched up exactly to the original valves.

    Outlet Angle Diaphragm Valve Stainless Steel 1 installed Outlet Angle Diaphragm Valve Stainless Steel 2 installed 

    Outlet Angle Diaphragm Valve Stainless Steel 3 installed


    If you need any of the above valves, or just need help finding the right products for your project, please email us sales@akvalvesltd.com or call us 0121 557 7164 

    A blog about 2 jobs where we helped the customer find the right solution for their projects with the required delivery times.

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