Brass Direct Acting Solenoid Valve 2/2 Way

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These solenoid valves with brass bodies and NBR diaphragm.  These valves have threaded BSP female ports.  These valves are direct acting, no need  for any back pressure to operate, and are available normally open or normally closed (position with no power).  For pressure rating see next tab (Pressure). Working temperature of 0°C to 80°C.

Other seals (EPDM or FPM) available on request.


The differential pressure are:

  • 1/4" to 1/2" AC 0-20 bar DC 0-16 bar
  • 3/4" to 2" AC 0-10 bar DC 0-6 bar (Light Oil <20CST AC 0-7 bar DC 0-4 bar)

Coil Consumption

1/4" to 1/2"

230 VAC is 22VA

24 VDC is 13W

3/4" to 1"

230 VAC is 33VA

24 VDC is 20W

1.1/4" to 2"

230 VAC is 70VA

24 VDC is 40W

Face to Face

  • 1/4" (DN8) 50mm
  • 3/8" (DN10) 50mm
  • 1/2" (DN15) 50mm
  • 3/4" (DN20) 73mm
  • 1" (DN25) 99mm
  • 1.1/4" (DN32) 112mm
  • 1.1/2" (DN40) 123mm
  • 2" (DN50) 168mm

Orifice Sizes

  • 1/4" to 1/2" 10mm
  • 3/4" 20mm
  • 1" 25mm
  • 1.1/4" 35mm
  • 1.1/2" 40mm
  • 2" 50mm


It is recommended the these valves are installed with the coil upright, and we also recommend that you install a Y type strainer before the solenoid to prevent any blockages in the valve.


Download the datasheet here

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Low pressure valve

Needed this valve to allow a small volume of water through at very low pressure in a short period of time. It does the job extremely well. Good robust construction.
Great company to deal with to source my exact needs. Prompt service.

Thank you for review Gary, always happy to help,