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DZR Brass Ball Valve WRAS Approved

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These DZR (Dezincification Brass) ball valves are WRAS approved.  The body, ball, stem and locknut are manufactured from DZR brass, seats and stem packing is PTFE and lever is steel.  The female threads are BSPT (ISO 7/1).  The valves are full bore with an anti-blowout stem.

These valves have maximum working pressure of 40 bar upto 70°C and 10 bar at 130°C.  The working temperature range is -20°C to +130°C in the absence of ice.

Face to Face

  • 1/4" 45mm
  • 3/8" 45mm
  • 1/2" 57mm
  • 3/4" 67mm
  • 1" 77mm
  • 1.1/4" 88mm
  • 1.1/2" 99mm
  • 2" 121mm