DZR Brass Ball Valve WRAS Approved Press Fit Ends

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These DZR (Dezincification Brass) ball valves are WRAS approved.  The body, ball, stem and locknut are manufactured from DZR brass, seats and stem packing is PTFE and lever is steel.  The press fit ends are suitable for M and V press for 15mm to 35mm, dedicated profiles on 42 and 54mm see next tab.  These valves have pre-press leak detection and are suitable for cold pressure connection to stainless steel, copper and carbon steel pipes.

Maximum cold working pressures are 24 bar 15mm, 20 bar 22mm & 28mm, 17 bar 35mm to 54mm.  Working temperature is -20°C to +140°C

Press Fit for 42mm and 54mm

Press Fit Diagram 42mm 54mm

Face to Face

  • 15mm is 78mm
  • 22mm is 91mm
  • 28mm is 99mm
  • 35mm is 107mm
  • 42mm is 133mm
  • 54mm is 155mm M or 163 V


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These are an equivalent to: Crane D171A.PF, Hattersley 100.PF, Oventrop 107 71, Pegler PS500

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