DZR Brass Double Check Valve WRAS Approved

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These double check valves are WRAS approved and  manufactured from DZR with POM non-return core, brass screw and 304 stainless steel springs.  Ends are screwed female BSP Parallel (ISO 228/1) and conform with EN13959.

These valves are designed to prevent back flow and back syphonage contamination in the pipework.

Face to Face

  • 1/2" 71mm
  • 3/4" 83mm
  • 1" 98mm
  • 1.1/4" 118mm
  • 1.1/2" 134mm
  • 2" 173mm

These Double Check Valves are an alternative to the following valves:

  • Crane D220W
  • Hattersley 250W
  • TA (IMI) TA21
  • Socla ED2231
  • BOSS 102S
  • Jet K742
  • Pegler K4426
  • Herz HVDCV
  • Altecnic AI-903 BSP
  • Reliance Flowguard BSP
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These are an equivalent to: Crane D220W, Hattersley 250W, TA (IMI) TA21, Socla ED2231, BOSS 102S, Jet K742, Pegler K4426, Herz HVDCV, Altecnic Al-903 BSP, Reliance Flowguard BSP

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