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Tricoflex Flexible Braided PVC Hose

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Braid PVC Hose

Multipurpose hose, three layer design in flexible clear PVC with a highly resistant polyester fibre reinforcement. 

Supplied in 30 metre coils

What applications can this Braided PVC hose be used for?

Multipurpose hose suitable for numerous applications:
• Compressed air hose for supplying pneumatic tools
• For equipping assembly work stations, wall mounted or mobile dispensers, compressors
• Transfer of non-fatty foodstuffs or light alcohols

What industries can this Braided PVC Hose be used in?

• Automotive industry
• Assembly plants
• Plastics industry
• Construction
• Garages (for cars, lorries and agricultural machinery)
• Woodworking etc
• Food processing industries

What are the advantages of this Braided PVC Hose?

The materials used in TCF provide it with flexibility, high transparency, UV protection. Moreover, its balanced reinforcement provides good resistance to pressure and deformation at low pressures. Suitable for food contact applications, complies with EU10/2011 Simulants A,B & C.

What are the specifications of the Tricoflex Braided PVC Hose?

Temperature range: -15ºC to +60ºC
Inner layer: Flexible PVC
Reinforcement: Polyester fibre
Outer layer: Flexible PVC
Food approved: Simulants A, B, C fruit juices, wines
Printing: ID ø x OD ø / ø ID x th. (EU)No. 10/2011 Sim. A, B, C (batchnumber)

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