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Galvanised Malleable Iron Fittings

Our galvanised malleable iron fittings are produce to BS EN 10242 (formerly BS1256), with ISO 7-1 Taper male/Parallel female connection, in cast iron to EN 1562 and with beaded reinforcement.

Our fittings are suitable for water, air, gas, oil, steam, and other non-aggressive media.  These fittings have also been used in the manufacture of gas pipe shelving.

If the product you are looking for please contact us, and we will help you to get you the items you require.


•malleable iron fittings

Galvanised BS EN10242 malleable iron pipe fittings supplied for different industries.  These can be used for air lines, water lines or gas lines, these can even be used in the construction of steampunk furniture or gas pipe shelving.

•steel pipe fittings

We can offer steel pipe fittings whether you need barrel nipples or if you need 3000# or 6000# fittings, contact sales to discuss your requirements.

•pipework supplies

AK Valves Ltd. has over 28 years of supplying pipewroks supplies

•pipe unions

Available as Female x Female or Male x Female

•t joints piping

 T Joints we refer to as Tees and supply as equal and reducing.