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The Ultimate Guide to 1 Piece, 2 Piece, and 3 Piece Ball Valves

What is the difference between a 1Pc, 2Pc and 3Pc Ball Valve?

Ball valves come in one, two, or three pieces. One piece being manufactured with only 1 body part, Two piece ball valves consist of two separate pieces, with the connection between them being either threaded or a bolt and flange assembly. As you may have guessed, a 3 piece ball valve consists of three pieces, two end caps and a body

Ball valves are employed throughout many commercial, institutional, and industrial venues where the need to isolate part of a system is necessary, or even just to regulate the on/off condition of system fluid flow. The product variants are almost uncountable, with a version to accommodate almost any application. When selecting a ball valve, one facet of construction will be evident in your research.


1 Piece Ball Valve

 A one piece ball valve, can also be referred to as single piece ball valve, has a body and end connections formed from a single piece of material. This construction presents a comparatively reduced number of opportunities for leakage. The valve trim and seals are inserted through one of the end connections. This type of valve will not have a port size equal to the line size. The simplicity of the one piece body design tends to make their cost lower than the other versions. Once the valve is in place, it cannot be serviced without removing the entire valve assembly from the piping system. One piece ball valves are inexpensive and generally not repaired.

1 Piece Stainless Steel Reduced Bore Ball Valve

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2 Piece Ball Valve

A two piece ball valve consist of two separate pieces, with the connection between them being either threaded or a bolt and flange assembly.  They generally have one piece that includes an end connection and the body, plus a second piece that fits into the first that will hold the trim in place and provide the second end connection. The construction presents an additional leak potential where the two pieces are joined, but also allows disassembly of the valve for replacement of the internals. These valves can provide full port service and bidirectional flow shutoff.  We sell these as female threaded and flanged ends.

3 piece body ball valve

A three piece ball valve ball valve consists of three pieces, two end caps and a body. The end caps are welded, threaded, or flanged to connect to the pipe on either side.  A three piece ball valve essentially separates the connection portions of the valve assembly from the body of the valve. These will be more expensive than either of the other two types, but their allowance for removing the valve body and trim from the piping system while leaving the connections in place may prove valuable for many applications. Full port and bidirectional shutoff can be provided by this construction.

2 piece ball valve vs 3 piece

The main advantage for a 2 piece vs 3 piece ball valve is that the 2 piece ball valves are cheaper.  The main advantage for a 3 piece ball valve vs 2 piece is that you can easily change the seals by unbolting the end caps and removing the  centre section.

Stainless Steel Ball Valve Supplier

Should you require Stainless steel ball valves, look no further you have come to the right supplier. At AK Valves Ltd we are considered to be a leading supplier of ss ball valves and are a family run business with over 25 years of experience in the area. As specialists in providing a range of stainless steel ball valves, we aim to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive range of ss ball valves and associated fittings. All of our stainless steel ball valves can be found online and are available to purchase from our website. Should you require any further information, feel free to contact the team at AK Valves Ltd, as stainless steel ball valve suppliers we will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have. 

When it comes to getting the right SS ball valves, as specialists, at AK Valves Ltd we understand how essential it is which is why we offer an extensive range of valves including stainless steel products. Quality is vital, especially to the team at AK Valves Ltd and this is why when it comes to looking for a SS ball valve supplier, there’s no need to consider another company. We have got you covered and what’s more is we are known for our excellent reputation when it comes to supplying our clients with Stainless steel ball valve products.

Stainless Steel Ball Valves UK

SS ball valves are often used as shut off valves, the valve will include a rotatable ball with a bore. Stainless steel ball valves are a popular choice as they are both durable and cost efficient, they can also be used for a wide variety of purposes including water, air, corrosive chemicals, acids and bases. In comparison to brass ball valves, they are rated for higher temperatures and pressures and have higher mechanical strength. These types of valves can also be easily removed for replacements, inspections and cleaning. At AK Valves Ltd, our range of SS ball valves have all been manufactured to the highest standards and are highly durable, ensuring that they last. 

At AK Valves Ltd, we ensure that we provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of stainless steel ball valves and associated fittings. Should you be unsure of what exactly you require or if you cannot find the exact product that you need, please don’t hesitate to call our team today. At AK Valves Ltd we’re experts when it comes to quality valve products and our SS ball valve range. 

Stainless Steel Pipe Ball Valve

When it comes to SS ball valves, there’s a number of reasons why they are a popular choice, this includes that they are lightweight, strong and long lasting.  The material means that they are suitable for use in sanitary applications, and they are also resistant to chemicals and acids. 

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