Actuated Stainless 3 Way L Port Ball Valve fitted with Prisma Double Acting Actuator

NAMUR Solenoid
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Stainless Steel reduced bore 3 Way L Port direct mount ball valve, BSP female threads, PTFE seats, Viton o-rings rated 63 bar. Fitted with a Prisma Double acting pneumatic actuator, Rilsan Coated Aluminium Body with NBR seals. Working Temperature -20°C to 80°C. Assembly prices are based on 6 bar pilot air pressure on 15 bar/20°C Clean Water.

Options for a NAMUR solenoid/spring valve 5/2 way and or Safe Area Mechanical Switchbox to be fitted

What is the direction of flow?

With the actuator in the closed position the flow is as below.

When the actuator is in the open position you will have the following flow path

L Port Open Position

If the air is removed the valve will stay in it's last position.

What is a Pneumatic Actuated Valve?

Actuated valves are operated using a pneumatic actuator that automatically opens and/or closes a valve without the need for someone to go over and turn the valve.  This is especially useful when the valves are in an awkward place to operate or get to.

The Prisma pneumatic actuator is a rack and pinion style of actuator that operates through 90 degrees when air is applied to the ports.

How does the pneumatic Actuator work?

A pneumatic (or air) actuators has 2 ports, 1 for open and 1 for close.  The actuator is designed so that when air applied to the open port the pistons are pushed away from the pinion, towards the end caps, and the teeth on the pistons turn the cam on the piston to open the valve (Normally Anti-clockwise).  When the air is applied to the close port the pistons are pushed back towards the pinion which the closes the valve (normally clockwise).  

What pressure air is required to operate the actuators?

We generally size up the actuators using 6 bar air pressure, but we can supply for air pressures between 4 and 8 bar..

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