3 Way L Port Stainless Steel Ball Valve

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These direct mount 3 way ball valves are manufactured from CF8M stainless steel, with PTFE seats and Viton stem o-ring. 

These are L Port valves, normally use to divert the flow from one side to the other (see flowpath image).

These valves are reduced bore and are direct mount according to ISO5211.  As standard these valves are anti-static and are supplied with a locking lever.

These valve have a working pressure of 63bar and a working temperature range of  -20°C to +220°C.

Mounting Information

 Size ISO5211 Stem Break Torque Run Torque
1/4"  F03/F04 9mm

9 Nm

6 Nm
3/8" F03/F04 9mm 9 Nm 6.6 Nm
1/2" F03/F04 9mm 12.6 Nm 10.8 Nm
3/4" F03/F04 9mm 16.2 Nm 12 Nm
1" F04/F05 11mm 20.2 Nm 12.6 Nm
1.1/4" F04/F05 11mm 25.8 Nm 19.8 Nm
1.1/2" F05/F07 14mm 37.8 Nm 28.8 Nm
2" F05/F07 14mm 63.6 Nm 50.4 Nm


Torque figures don't include safety.


Click here for 3 way l port direct mount stainless steel ball valve bsp datasheet

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