Bronze Gate Valve - Lockshield

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These Bronze gate valves with Lockshield are rated PN20, the ends are screwed BSPT, designed to BS5154 and are WRAS approved. The working temperature of these valves is between -10°C and +180°C


This gate valve is an alternative to the following valves:

  • Crane D237
  • Hattersley 33XLS
  • BOSS 25SML
  • Jet 51LS
  • Pegler 1070/125LS
  • Herz HV5520
General Delivery Time: 2 working days
These are an equivalent to: Crane D237, Hattersley 33XLS, BOSS 25SML, Jet 51LS, Pegler 1070/125LS, Herz HV5520LS