Nylon Tubing

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This nylon tubing is suitable for use with compressed air, water, chemicals and fuel/oil.  This tubing is produced to exacting tolerances, silicone free, seamless construction with mirror smooth inner layer for improved flow, resistant to a wide range of chemicals, excellent abrasion resistance, low moisture absorption lightweight and flexible for easy installation. Designed to BS 5409 Part 1:1976

Nylon Tubing has a working temperature of -20°C to +80°C, see next tabs for working pressure information.

Supplied in 30 metre coils.

Working Pressures

Working pressure values are given based on 4:1 safety factor at 20°C, and will change as the working temperature rises.

  • 4mm x 2.5mm 26 bar
  • 6mm x 4mm 24 bar
  • 8mm x 5.5mm 22 bar
  • 8mm x 6mm 17 bar
  • 10mm x 8mm 17 bar
  • 12mm x 9mm 21 bar
  • 12mm x 10mm 14 bar