Valbia Aluminium Pneumatic Actuator

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Manufactured in Italy by Valbia, these pneumatic actuators have a hard annodised aluminium body with blue coated end caps.

The rotation angle is between 0° and 90° with external stroke adjustments to regulate the opening and the closing +/-5°.  These actuators are perfect for mounting on ball, butterfly or plug valves.

Available in double acting 9 to 3101 Nm (6 bar pilot pressure) and single acting (spring return) 6.2 to 1652 (6 bar pilot air with full spring sets).

Maximum pilot pressure is 8 bar, with a working temperature range of -20°C to +85°C.

Generally available 2 to 3 working days for sizes DA32 to DA270 and SR52 to SR330


The actuators conform to the following international directives:


ISO5211 and DIN-3337 mountings to allow the easy installation onto direct mount valves.

NAMUR pneumatic connection for the connection of solenoid valves

VDI/VDE norms for the installation of accessories, switches/positioners etc..

ATEX EXII2GDT6 certification

Manufactured to meet the requirements of PED 97-23-CE and ATEX 97-9-CE


Torque Output and mounting by Model

The torque figures below are based on 6 bar pilot pressure ans full spring sets.

Double acting torques 

  • DA32 9Nm F03 9mm star
  • DA52 22Nm F03/F05 11mm star (F04 on request)
  • DA63 39.5Nm F05/F07 14mm star
  • DA75 72Nm F05/F07 17mm star
  • DA85 105Nm F05/F07 17mm star
  • DA100 164.5Nm F07/F10 17mm star
  • DA115 272Nm F07/F10 22mm star
  • DA125 358Nm F07/F10 22mm star
  • DA140 493Nm F10/F12 27mm star
  • DA160 688Nm F10/F12 27mm star
  • DA180 947Nm F10/F14 36mm star
  • DA200 1276Nm F14 36mm star
  • DA230 2109Nm F16 46mm square at 45°
  • DA270 3101Nm F16 46mm square at 45°

Single acting (spring return) torques (Initial air/end of spring)

  • SR52 13.3/8.1Nm F03/F05 11mm star (F04 on request)
  • SR63 25.1/12.5Nm F05/F07 14mm star
  • SR75 46/23.2Nm F05/F07 17mm star
  • SR85 65.6/36.3Nm F05/F07 17mm star
  • SR100 104.3/55.2Nm F07/F10 17mm star
  • SR115 175.4/90.4Nm F07/F10 22mm star
  • SR125 228.7/119.2Nm F07/F10 22mm star
  • SR140 320/164Nm F10/F12 27mm star
  • SR160 404/268Nm F10/F12 27mm star
  • SR180 561/364Nm F10/F14 36mm star
  • SR200 728/507Nm F14 36mm star
  • SR230 1287/777Nm F16 46mm square at 45°
  • SR270 1873/1214Nm F16 46mm square at 45°
  • SR330 3267/2121Nm F16/F25 55mm square at 45°


Click the here for the datasheets.


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