Vamein 110 Series Wafer Butterfly Valve with Lever

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These Vamein Wafer Butterfly Valves have a ductile iron (ASTM A395) rilsan coated body with EPDM Liner.  Disc options for rilsan coated ductile iron, CF8M stainless steel and aluminium bronze (ASTM B148 / C95800).  Supplied complete with a lockable lever with ten position notch plate, ask sales for gearbox and actuator requirements.

Features on the Vamein 110 Series Butterfly Valves

Available in sizes from 50 mm (2”) to 200 mm (8”), ask sales for larger sizes.
Assembly between flanges : From DN 50 (2”) to DN 300 (12”) multiflange system, permitting with only one model of valve the assembly between PN-6, PN-10, PN-16, ANSI 125/150 Lbs, and B.S. 10-D/E flanges. (for other drilling standards, please ask).
Standard working pressure 16 Bar (DN 50-300) for higher pressures, ask our Technical Department.
Temperature limits from -15°C to +100°C (other temperatures can be achieved depending on type of liners and coatings).
4 centering holes up to DN 500 for a correct alignment and quick installation.
As this is a design to be used between flanges, the mechanical stress of the pipe is transferred to the valve only by compression on the body and therefore, there are not traction mechanical stress.
Furthermore, as from DN 600 there are 4 threaded holes per each side of the body, according to the drilling standard required. This must be taken into consideration due to the traction.

Who are Vamein?

VAMEIN DE ESPAÑA, S.A. is an internationally well known leader company dedicated to the manufacture of Butterfly Valves and Actuators since 1970. Thanks to their wide experience, technical and human resources, VAMEIN offers a high quality product appropriated for the needs of the customer.
Steady modernization in production center, technical office and quality assurance system enable VAMEIN DE ESPAÑA, S.A. to supply products with certified guarantee. The Quality System of VAMEIN DE ESPAÑA, S.A. has been approved to design and manufacture butterfl y valves according to ISO 9001:2008 standard and meets the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, Annex III, Module H of the European Economic Community.
Besides, VAMEIN also has European Directive ATEX 94/9/EC, concerning equipment and protective systems intended for using in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Fields of application for VAMEIN products are very diversifi ed. This has given the possibility to develop a wide range of products with high reliability, covering practically all segments of the market where it is necessary to work with liquids, gases and high-density /powder products, at different pressures and temperatures bearing always in mind the respect towards the environment.

What are the advantages of the exclusive VAMEIN design, complementary to the general ones of butterfly valves?

Quality compliance to ISO 9001:2008
Total and permanent water tightness up to 16 bar.
No gaskets necessary for installation between flanges.
Maintenance free.
Liners easy to replace.
Due to the design with no pins, screws or keys and narrow machining tolerances of its components all parts of the valve are interchangeable.
Extreme low operating torque.
Possibility to use it as control (regulating) valve.
Cavity free.
Thanks to the centering holes enabling a correct alignment and a fast installation easy to place in the pipeline.
Enables the use of insulation in heat-resistant installations.
Quality identification for material: each body, disc and liner is marked with its code number to have a perfect quality traceability of the materials used for their production. Thus with the Heath Number our Quality Assurance Department obtain a perfect traceability of the quality of materials, enabling them to know at any time the chemical composition and mechanical properties.
Descriptive label indicating: name of manufacturer, valve figure description, maximum working pressure, maximum working temperature, flange standard and country of origin.
Packing in individual plastic bags up to DN 300 (12”).
Possibility of EC marking as per the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and European Directive ATEX 94/9/EC on equipment and protective systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres.

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