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    What Steam Valves do AK Valves Supply?

    What Steam Valves do AK Valves Supply?


    Steam Valves available from AK Valves Limited

    There are many type of valves that we supply that are suitable for steam duties here are the main items:

    • Ball valves
    • Check valves
    • Globe valves
    • Piston valves
    • Steam traps
    • Pressure reducing valves
    • Separators
    • Vacuum breakers
    • Strainers

    You can download our Steam Equipment Catalogue to see a general over view of products

    The main resource to check on the valves required is the steam tables.

    Steam Tables

    Please see below table that shows relative pressure / temperature for saturated steam (rounded to 1 decimal)

     bar °C bar °C
    0.5 111.6 5.5 162.1
    1 120.4 6 165.0
    1.5 127.6 6.5 167.8
    2 133.7 7 170.5
    2.5 139.0 7.5 173.0
    3 143.7 8 175.4
    3.5 148.0 8.5 177.7
    4 151.9 9 179.9
    4.5 155.6 9.5 182.0
    5 158.9 10 184.1


    Ball Valves

    We off a variety of options of ball valves that are suitable for steam, these include:

    Class 1500lb full bore ball valve which is suitable for use up to 30 bar steam max, available in carbon steel and stainless steel

    3 piece ball valves with stainless steel reinforced PTFE seat with carbon or stainless steel body.  15 bar max steam.

    High Performance 3 piece full bore ball valves with 25% carbon filled PTFE seats in stainless steel or carbon steel bodies.  Suitable for use with steam up to 18 bar.

    Forged Carbon Steel class 800lb suitable for use with steam up to 16 bar

    PN40 Flanged 3 Piece Ball Valves in carbon steel that can be used with steam up to 15 bar, also available in stainless steel

    PN16/40 Flanged 2 piece ball valves in carbon and stainless steel for use with steam up to 11 bar

    ANSI150 Flanged 2 piece ball valves in carbon and stainless steel for use with steam up to 11 bar




    In this blog we talk about the various types of valves that we offer for steam systems, these include:

    Ball valves, check valves, globe valves, piston valves, steam traps, pressure reducing valves, separators, vacuum breakers and strainers.

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