JORC Compressed Air Energy Saver

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The AIR-SAVER, over many years, has saved end users valuable compressed air from escaping unnecessarily, reducing compressor running hours and thus extending its lifetime, saving energy and operating costs.

The AIR-SAVER is typically installed on the air outlet of the air receiver. Alternatively it is applied in larger factories to close off certain parts of the compressed air system, where during certain parts of the day no compressed air is required.

A typical compressed air system has air loss 24 hours per day through pipe works connections and leaking float type drains etc. By installing an AIR-SAVER the end user will limit these types of air losses to the operating hours only. At the end of the (department) working day the AIR-SAVER will close off the air flow and prevents further loss of valuable compressed air.

Now, with a new programming module!
The new control module offers programming simplicity and new enlightened display features, offering you more visual information.


Pressure Range 0 - 16 bar
Supply Voltage Option 230VAC 50/60Hz. (115VAC on request)
Opening/Closing Duration 30 sec. / 90° 1", 105 sec. / 90° 2"
Medium Temperature 1 - 100 °C
Ambient Temperature 1 - 50 °C
Illuminated LCD Display Indicating day, time, valve status, battery life
Programmable Options Week planner, max. 100 switching points, to be distributed over 1-7 days
Inlet/Outlet Connections 1" or 2" BSP
Valve Body Material Brass nickel plated
Manual Override
Remote Controllable
Environmental Protection IP54 (NEMA13)


AIR-SAVER G1 feature 1

Weekly time planner, offering you flexibility in selecting the open and closed cycles.

AIR-SAVER G1 feature 2

Remote control option, offering you the possibility to install the AIR-SAVER at a height.

AIR-SAVER G1 feature 3

Manual valve opening and closing possible, in case of a power failure.

  • No unnecessary compressor start-up during periods when compressed air is not required
  • Compressor, dryer and filter activities are reduced during factory closing hours
  • At least one air receiver’s worth of compressed air savings per day
  • Possibility to shut of parts of the pipe line system where compressed air is not needed continuously
  • Battery saves the installation set-up during power failure
  • Up to 16 bar
  • Slow valve opening to avoid hammer strike in pipe line system
  • Time programmed or remote controlled
  • Fully automatic- maintenance free
  • Alkaline batteries protecting the program
  • Micro-Processor controlled (multi cycle 7 day program)
  • Large LCD display showing program cycle and current time
  • Compact design -Easy to install


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