Light Series (L) Olive Hydraulic Compression

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Thes hydraulic compression light series cutting ring (also known as Olive or Ferrule) conform to DIN 2353/ISO 8434-1, are manufacutred from plated steel.


Pipe screw joints and accessories have been improved by constant developments to achieve DIN 2353/ISO 8434-1.

The Range of size: 4 mm to 8 mm (LL) extra light, 6 mm to 42 mm (L) light and 6 mm to 38 mm (S) heavy series.

Working Pressures: Extra Light Series 4 mm to 8 mm OD 100 bar (1450 psi), Light Series 6 mm to 18 mm OD 315 bar (4569 psi) and 22 mm to 42 mm OD 160 bar (2320 psi), Heavy Series 6 mm to 14 mm OD 630 bar (9137 psi), 16 mm to 30 mm OD 400 bar (5801 psi) and 38 mm OD 315 bar (4569 psi). Please note higher pressure ratings are available upon request contact our sales office for details.

Material: Pipe screw joints steel -40°C up to +120°C (DIN 3859). Reductions of pressure, these temperatures are only recommendations, which can be influenced by the operating medium.

Threads: BSP 1/8” to 1 1/2” to DIN-ISO 228, Whitworth DIN-IS0 228, Whitworth (keg) DIN 3858, Metric M10X1 – M48X2 to DIN 158, NPT (ANSI/ASME B2-20.1.1983)

Stud and thread ports: Stud Form B to DIN EN ISO 9974-3 and DIN 3852-1 (metrical), DIN EN ISO 1179-4 (BSP), Stud Form E DIN EN ISO 9974-2 (metrical), DIN EN ISO 1179-2 (BSP). Form C to DIN 158-1 (metrical), DIN 3858 (BSP), ANSI/ASME B1.20.1-1983 (NPT/NPTF).

Seals Soft sealing and O-rings sealing. NBR (Perbunan) -35°C up to +100°C. FPM (Viton™) -25°C up to +200°C upon request if required. PTFE (Teflon) -60°C up to +200°C.

Surface Protection: Steel, mass phosphated and mass oiled.

General Delivery Time: 2 working days
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Steve Harvey
This company deserves high praise

I have the tricky job of marinising a boiler, made by a Dutch manufacturer. The necessary adapters proved extremely difficult to find - almost impossible in the UK, where BSP rules, and metric components, when available at all, are often the wrong thread. Even from mainland Europe the search is difficult, and the availability limited - not to mention the unreasonable expense. AK Valves had a good range of adapters with the ability to chose both the precise metric fitting needed at one end and the precise compression fitting at the other, independently. Brilliant! Not only this, but their prices are very reasonable, and small orders no problem. When you add the fact that every order has been delivered in at most two working days, you have a company that I would highly recommend to anyone in this field. The adapters themselves are good, too, though you would expect this of a Parkair fitment - but the company set-up and customer service is what make my life sooo much easier!

Thank you for your great review.