Meet our manufacturer - IVR S.p.A. - AK Valves Ltd

Meet our manufacturer - IVR S.p.A.

Who are IVR?

Quality, service and innovation: these are the principles of IVR. The company was founded in 1973, years of hard work and continuous improvement have allowed IVR to gain trust and a reputation of reliability amongst the leading operators of the valve business across over 60 countries worldwide. IVR products have obtained approvals from many certification bodies across the globe. Recognized globally as a top level ballvalve producer for water, gas and industrial applications for 30 years, recently new steps in the constant evolution process are being taken.

In 2001 a brand new production plant has been built and investments in state of the art machinery have been made. The IVR R&D department, counting on its long and worthy experience, and following the requests from the marketing and sales, have planned and developed new ranges of products among which valves for heating systems, thermostatic valves, metering units and floor heating equipment.

Research and Development become extremely important when the environment is concerned. An environment friendly approach is present at all levels of the production process, great attention is used in the choice of eco-friendly materials. The humane relationships are a main value for IVR; strongly motivated and team oriented people are what make IVR a successful company.

What Approvals do IVR's products have?

IVR have products have been approved by the following international certification bodies:

 What Product's do IVR Supply?

IVR split there products into 5 ranges/industries, these are:

IVR's Heating Range

Within the heating range of products there are stainless steel manifolds, distribution cabinets, mixing units, manifold valves, heating controls, industrial manifolds, metering units, radiator valves and central heating components.

Click to view the full range of IVR heating products.

Actuators and Motorised Valves from IVR

This range of motorised valves are to be used as zone valves with the circulation system.  The products in this range include 2 way zone valves, 3 way diverter zone valves, 3 way by-pass zone valves, 3 way mixing valves, 4 way mixing valve and temperature controls.

Click here to see the full range of IVR Actuators and Motorised Valves

Valves for Water

IVR produce a vast range of Water Valves, we stock one of their WRAS Approved Ball Valve ranges.  The range includes:

Ball valves - female x female, male x female, male x male, compression ends. Lever operated, T-Handle (Wing/Butterfly Handle), Locking lever, multi-turn handwheel and stem extension options available.

Other valves in this range include gate, check, 3 way, check, foot, y strainer, auto air vents, pressure reducing valves, self cleaning filters and accessories.

You view the whole Water Valves range here

Gas Valves

IVR produce a range of valves that certified for use with gas from brass ball valves, cast iron ball valves and butterfly valves.  

Click here to explore the range of Gas Valves

Industrial Valves

The industrial valve range includes stainless steel valves, cast iron valves, electric actuated valves and pneumatic actuated valves.

View the Industrial Valve range from IVR


Here is IVR's Corporate video.

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