3 Way T Port Stainless Steel Ball Valve

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These direct mount 3 way ball valves are manufactured from CF8M stainless steel, with PTFE seats and Viton stem o-ring. 

These are T Port valves, see flow path image for examples of use.

These valves are reduced bore and are direct mount according to ISO5211.  As standard these valves are anti-static and are supplied with a locking lever.

These valve have a working pressure of 63bar and a working temperature range of  -20°C to +220°C.

Mounting Information

 Size ISO5211 Stem Break Torque Run Torque
1/4"  F03/F04 9mm

9 Nm

6 Nm
3/8" F03/F04 9mm 9 Nm 6.6 Nm
1/2" F03/F04 9mm 12.6 Nm 10.8 Nm
3/4" F03/F04 9mm 16.2 Nm 12 Nm
1" F04/F05 11mm 20.2 Nm 12.6 Nm
1.1/4" F04/F05 11mm 25.8 Nm 19.8 Nm
1.1/2" F05/F07 14mm 37.8 Nm 28.8 Nm
2" F05/F07 14mm 63.6 Nm 50.4 Nm


Torque figures don't include safety.


Click here for 3 way t port direct mount stainless steel ball valve bsp datasheet

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